Introducing……….. (drum roll please!)

28 Feb

our new CRAFT CAFE nights…….

The first two workshops in February and March have been a runaway success and have been fully booked (with long waiting lists) within a very short space of time which shows that Horsham is definitely full of budding creative people. I have hated putting people onto a waiting list as it seems to be totally against the reason why I started this project in the first place! So I have now booked the same venue, the Park Barn, for the third Monday evening of each month for a Craft Café night.

The Craft Café will operate in a similar way to the workshops on the first Monday of the month in setup but won’t have a tutor or a set workshop agenda. Instead it will be an evening where you can bring along some craft project that you are working on at home to work alongside others to share tips and advice and to be inspired. Maybe you have a costume to make for your daughter’s play or have you recently been given a craft kit and wanted to try it out? Don’t worry if you haven’t got anything to bring to work on as we will have some materials with us as well as some project ideas making this event ideal for beginners as well as for more experienced crafters. We will also have other larger items that people can use for the evening, a sewing machine, cutting mats, iron and ironing board, books, magazines and much more.

Places for these evening must be booked in advance and will work along the same suggested donation of £4 to cover the basic costs. All advice, tips, tea and cake and good company will of course, be free.

Dates of Craft Café nights for Spring;

Monday 19th March

Monday 16th April

Please contact us for a space by emailing us at


One Response to “Introducing……….. (drum roll please!)”

  1. Michelle Craen February 28, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

    Can’t wait!!

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