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Big Knit 2012

19 Jul

Kate approached me with a brilliant idea some time ago for Make to join in with the Big knit campaign… what a great idea! Innocent Drinks team up with Age UK each summer to knit mini hats for the top of smoothie bottles to be sold during November and December. Innocent give  Age UK 25p from each smoothie with a hat sold and this goes towards helping older people keep warm and healthy this winter.














So we would need to package them all up and send them at the end of September in order to meet their deadline so we wanted to know who was up for knitting and crocheting some with us? We were also thinking of putting on some extra Make nights in September for everyone to knit and crochet together and we were going to see if we could get some donated wool too? Let us know your thoughts.

Here are some links to knitting patterns  if anyone wanted to get started over the summer. Crochet patterns to come….




they also have some other fun ones like the watermelon pattern as well as a pineapple and a bunch of grapes.



What a creative night

19 Jul

We had a little panic about having enough space for all the different parts of this workshop so we got out all 10 tables and then had a comic time moving and arranging them, it was like a giant puzzle! Annalees Lim from Makers and Creators kindly led our workshop and she took us through the whole process of batik including a bit of history and then everyone got down to designing their scarves using some books she brought for inspiration. No one had done batik before and despite murmurs of ‘I haven’t got a creative bone in my body’ the finished results were very professional mainly due to Annalees instilling confidence in everyone. There were various ‘stations’ to apply the wax and to apply the colours so there was a little waiting time for some which was filled with tea, cake and meeting new people and chatting.
















Huge thanks to Annalees who gave her time for free, as do all our workshop tutors, and especially for sending everyone afterwards a list of suppliers and follow up information.











Take a look at our facebook page for more photos of other finished scarves. Annalees has various workshops on Thursdays and some Saturdays coming up in Autumn. Do take a look here for more details and a booking form.