September Update

6 Oct

Wow, where do I begin as September was a very busy month for Make especially following August where we didn’t have any events, as it was the main holiday period for everyone. We distributed our new autumn leaflet… have you seen it around Horsham?

One of our main focuses was on knitting/ crochet for the Big Knit campaign which raises money for Age UK to keep people warm this winter. Some people started knitting over the summer and then we used the craft café on 17th September and the two Craft at The Crown evenings on 12th and 26th September to get together to knit more. We ended up sending off 206 tiny hats which, once sold, will raise £51.50 for Age UK. Thank you so much to everyone especially to Irma who gets the title of the ‘fastest knitter in Horsham’ with Liz getting the silver medal! Don’t forget to visit Sainsburies where they will be on sale covering the Innocent smoothie bottles in November there have been some wonderful creations this year.

We are planning to start on our next charity project at the next Craft Café on 15th October which will be Pillowcase Dresses. Do come and join us even if you can’t sew as there is plenty to do and plenty of help available to help you to sew. More information is here.

We also had a very successful workshop at the beginning of the month making lampshades with Michelle Cresswell of Owl & Slipper, you can find the review here. The Making bunting workshop was last Monday and the review is to come.

September also saw the launch of our new event ‘Craft at The Crown’, more information is here. This is a free event (plus The Crown put on a buffet for us free of charge!) and was to cater for those who wanted to meet up and do some knitting/ sewing/ crochet whilst socialising. The first two evenings have been slow with not that many people coming along but we hope that more people will join us in October, November and December? Here’s a picture of some of the food to tempt you!




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