Workshop 6 – Homemade Christmas

22 Nov

Mon 26th Nov    WIRE ANGELS OR FAIRIES                                         

£15                        with Magdalen Tyler-Whittle

7.30-9.30pm at The Park Barn Horsham

This is a Mixed Media workshop using wire, various adhesives and fabric techniques to create a sculpture which will then be dressed using scraps of vintage material and trimmings. Glass beads, old music paper and gold masking tape will be used to make wings, halos and crowns. Your main body will stand to be approx 20cm.

During this workshop you will create your own Angel or Fairy that will make you smile year after year. Your vision of prettiness will be hand-finished with scraps of delicate vintage fabrics, lace, beads and other vintage delights.



Suitable for: All abilities

Materials included in the cost of the workshop: Materials for the basic body, vintage bits of fabric and lace for the clothing.

You will need to bring: Any treasured or special fabrics or trimmings that you would like to include in the making or your angel or fairy.

There will be additional materials available to purchase if you’d like to make more than one at a later date.

Email us at to go on the waiting list for this workshop.


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