Another Paverpol workshop (by popular demand)

19 Apr


Monday 17th June 2013          


with Irma Westerdijk from Creations by Irma


7.00-9.30pm (2 ½ hrs) at Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham


Come and learn the art of Paverpol with certified instructor Irma Westerdijk from Creations by Irma or simply to work on your technique from her last Paverpol workshop in April. She will be showing us how to create a textured decorative canvas using a cotton tshirt and paverpol. This is a workshop that it ideal for beginners and if you’d  prefer to use a vase rather than a canvas then it  is perfect for ‘upcyling’ an old vase lurking in the back of the cupboard. Do take a look at Irma’s website and facebook page and take a look at some of her stunning creations.



If, like me, you didn’t know what Paverpol was then the following description from Irma’s website explains it well.


“What is Paverpol? Paverpol is a textile hardener that enables you to work with supple fabrics such as cotton, and sculpt visual masterpieces that can be displayed both in and outside your home. Paverpol is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fun to work with. Paverpol is the only hardener with the AP safety label, making it suitable for children and adults.


How to use Paverpol? By dipping natural textile materials in Paverpol, you can drape and wrap the coated materials around a wire figurine or other frame. You can even preserve items of clothing, such as a first baby-grow, or dried flowers. Paverpol dries quickly, but gives you enough time to work and position textiles. Once hardened, you will have a beautiful and unique decoration or sculpture, which is weatherproof, so can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Providing the materials being dipped in Paverpol are natural, you can work with an array of textiles, including paper, silk, chamois leather, self hardening clay, dried flowers, untreated wood, plaster, pottery and more. You can also use polystyrene foam to fashion shapes.”

 irma vase 3

irma vase

creations by irma christmas at park barn

Irma is part of the Horsham Artists Open Studios



Suitable for: All abilities

Cost: £16

You will need to bring:

–         Apron plus please wear old clothes

–         Old 100% cotton plain T-shirt (not too dark a colour)

–         A canvas, max size 12” x 16” (30cm x 40cm) The Works in Horsham sells these for £2.99.

–         Or a vase (glass or china) to cover.


Email us on if you are interested and we can send you the booking form.


One Response to “Another Paverpol workshop (by popular demand)”

  1. Kate April 20, 2013 at 11:18 am #

    That’s a shame if it wasn’t my knitting workshop I’d have asked to do it again!!!!

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