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What shall we do with our Craft Cafe?

1 Dec

We’ve had some great times at Craft Café in the Park Barn last year but this year it hasn’t been popular at all? We are restructuring all our Make events over the Christmas period for next year and so we need to hear from you if Craft Café is what you still want. As hardly anyone attends is it worth continuing?

We need you to vote with your feet for this one! Tomorrow night, on Monday 2nd December 7-9.30pm,  I will set out a few tables for Craft Café alongside the other workshops. So if you are busy crafting and making your own Christmas presents at home for example please come down and craft with us! You will be sure of a warm welcome, friendly chat, a hot cuppa and lots of home baked cakes to choose from and all for a bargain price.

I’ve put more details below for you if you are new to us. Please do share this with our friends who might like to join us


What is a Craft Café?

Well to put it simply it is an evening where you can bring along your latest craft project to work on, enjoy good crafting company, find inspiration, eat cake and drink tea. What more could you ask for? Come along and try it.





We originally set it up to provide our community here in Horsham with a place to be creative, have fun, feel good, and share and learn crafts skills. It is run alongside our more structured workshops that also run during the evening so it’s nice to have a look at what others are up to, our events are very informal and a lot of fun. No need to worry about getting there dead on 7pm, turn up when you can it will be great to see you!


Where and when is it and how much does it cost?

It is only £4 for a place at Craft Cafe. All advice, tips, tea and cake and good company will of course, be free. The £4 is to cover basic costs, such as hall hire, insurance, advertising. You don’t need to pre-book but it would be great if you can let us know that you will be coming but its not essential. You can contact us by emailing us at

Brighton Road Baptist Church, hall at the back, entrance off New Street, Horsham.

(NB. Due to another booking in the main hall the car park at the back will be quite full tomorrow so allow extra time if you are driving. there is another car park opposite this one on New Street and lots of on the street parking in surrounding roads.)


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