Learn how to Mosiac Workshop

27 Jan

Monday 10th February 2014          


with Irma Westerdijk from Creations by Irma


7.00-9.30pm (2 ½ hrs) at Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham

 5th & 6th Oct 2013 027

Come and learn the basics of Mosiacs and create your own work of art. Bring along your own mirror frame or photo frame to work on or alternatively you can purchase a 20cm x 20cm tile with small mirror from Irma for £1.50 extra. Irma Westerdijk from Creations by Irma will show you all the basic techniques in order to choose your colours and tiles, cut them into the sizes you need for your design and then gluing them to the frame. Irma will then grout these at her studio and you can either collect the finished article from her or from the next Make evening.  Once you have mastered the basic skills you will be able to transfer this to making and transforming other items.

Some photos of those created at the same workshop before Christmas:


2nd Dec 2013 007

2nd Dec 2013 002



Suitable for: All abilities

Cost: £18

Places: limited to 10 people

You will need to bring:

–          Apron, eye covering plus please wear old clothes

–           A mirror or photo frame with a wide surround, roughly 25cm x 25cm in size


Email us on makehorsham@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested and we can send you the booking form.



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