Happy Birthday to us and a quick update

7 Feb


A happy 2nd birthday to us!






The start of a new year and the start of our 3rd year………………..



A big thank you to those who responded to my post about the future of Make. I have taken all the suggestions on board and implemented a lot of your ideas. The first change is that we will now be running our workshops and craft café on just one night a month instead of two. With a full time job (and some health issues) I just can’t do the regular 20 hours plus a week Make usually takes me any more.

We have resisted increasing the prices of our workshops and kept them the same even though the basic costs of hall hire, insurance etc has risen which is good news. To help we’ll introduce a Donations Pot on the counter for contributions for tea and cake. However I would like to stress that this is entirely optional so please don’t feel you have to contribute. We would really love your help with the Cake rota, making tea rota and putting up of leaflets. Please do get in touch if you can help.

We are also really trying to promote our Craft Café and this year we will be giving lots of free lessons whilst we craft various things for charity. This kicks off on Monday 10th February with free knitting help and we will be starting a project of knitting 6” squares to make into blankets for next winter for those who need them in our local community.

As you will have seen we have some great workshops coming up but again we need full workshops to meet our basic costs so we need your support. From an immediate point of view we have lots of spaces on workshops on Monday 10th February: Patchwork Quilt, Mosiac and Hidden Heart Cupcakes. Do take a look and share with your friends that might enjoy our friendly and relaxed workshops? If you are new to us this is the perfect time to get involved.


Please, please remember if you don’t use this community project and/or support it then we will have no option but to close, I cannot stress enough that you need to vote with bookings. You can contact us via email at makehorsham@yahoo.co.uk if you’d like to speak to us.

Many thanks for reading this.





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